Council behind all of the fun events and trying to improve the nursing program!
Meet The Council
Hello hello!
My name is Tiffany Klemack and I am in my fourth and final year of the SCBScN program. I served as VP of Events on URNSS last year (2016-2017) and had a super fun time planning the NCLEX Trivia night and the SRNA’s 100th Anniversary Wellness Week. This year I am serving as President and I am so excited to keep building on the solid foundation the previous President made for URNSS last year. My job is to support and represent the committee members of URNSS through managing our email account, representing URNSS at the URSU PAC meetings, chairing URNSS meetings and to build networks for URNSS. My goal as President this year is to bring together the committee members of URNSS, creating a “family culture”; to play to the strengths of my members’ awesome abilities and skill sets in order to fulfill the needs of our SCBScN student body. I also hope to create opportunities to give back to the community – as that is what nurses are supposed to do!
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me at
Tiffany Klemack
Cassidy Siebert
Hello! My name is Cassidy Siebert and I’m currently in my third year of nursing with the SCBScN program. I grew in a small town named Lampman and I am the oldest of three girls I am thrilled to be your CNSA associate delegate this year and cannot wait to keep everyone informed and engaged in all the amazing up and comings within the Canadian Nursing Student Association!
CNSA Associate Delegate
Katrina Nixdorf
Year 2 student
VP of Finances, role is to monitor transactions in accordance and pre approved budgets.
CNSA Official Delegate, collaborate with URNSS for fundraisers and includes bringing students to regional and national conferences each year!

Vice President of Finances & CNSA Official Delegate
Michaela Brady
Hello everyone! My name is Michaela, and I am the Vice President of Student Affairs for URNSS. I am currently in by third year of the program, and this is my first year on URNSS. My role in this position is to represent students on boards and committees in regards to student academic and funding issues, and to oversee all student related services of URNSS members. I am also the spokesperson for URNSS in the absence of the President. I am super excited to take part in URNSS and help out students in any way I can. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at
Vice President of Student Affairs

Jessica Wong
Hi, my name is Jessica Wong and I am in my first year of nursing in the SCBScN program. I am very excited that I get to be part of URNSS as the VP of Communications! Communication is key when you want to get information out to the public, and that is what I do. URNSS currently has this website along with a Facebook page, an Instagram account and an email to keep everyone updated. Upcoming events and activities will be posted on our social media so be sure to follow us!
Vice President of Communications
Daniel Kebreab
Hi everyone! My name is Daniel Kebreab, 3rd year nursing student and Vice President of Social Events. My role within URNSS is to plan, promote and facilitate all kinds of fun events throughout the year for our nursing students. My vision is to strengthen our student body through socials that promote empowerment which then will put us in a better position to be involved within our community. Nursing students are some of the most hardworking and dedicated. This type of dedication requires recognition, and I’m honored to come up with these events for you guys! Please don’t be shy to say hi if you see me in the hallway or class. I’m always excited to hear ideas or suggestions for future events. I can also be contacted by email at
Vice President of Social Events
Ally Nicholauson
Hi, my name is Ally Nicholauson and I am in my first year of nursing in the SCBScN program. I am very happy to be apart of URNSS as a Executive Secretary. 
Executive Secretary
Kathryn Merk
My name is Kathryn Merk. I am currently in my first year of the SCBScN program. I completed my degree in Kinesiology and Health Studies before transferring into the Faculty of Nursing.
I am the Student Life Director on the student society. My goal is to attract larger involvement from the nursing students, in both our events and events put on by other faculties. Through connections I have with other faculties, I look forward to bringing some unique events your way this year!
If you have any idea's for events or things you want to see happen within our faculty, please feel free to reach out!
Student Life Director
Josh Blandford
My name is Josh Blandford and I am a 3nd year nursing student in the SCBScN Regina program. I enjoy working in my position as the student life director. I feel as though I have a strong connection with my nursing year and have encouraged many to participate in the Winnipeg conference as well as the numerous events during the the year. After my trip to the National Nursing Conference in Winnipeg I found a desire to get involved in URNSS. I feel as though my position as a male in a female dominated faculty has allowed me to stand out among the crowd and often I find people come to me with questions and for support. Feel free to contact me at
Student Life Director
Adrian Muscat
My name is Adrian Muscat and I am the First Year Representative. I am a first year SCBScN student. My role involves relaying feedback and suggestions from first year students back to URNSS. I also ensure that first year students are always aware of any upcoming events and activities organized by URNSS.
1st Year rep
Mack Moser
Hi! My name is Mack and I'm your 2nd Year Rep and the Canadian Nursing Students Association Associate Delegate. I work with our CNSA team to better understand the changes in nursing and for students to become more aware and advocate for their voices to be heard. We go to conferences throughout the year that focus on social justice and how we as nurses can be respectful, caring and leaders in healthcare. As a 2nd Year Rep I share any new information and events that 2nd years might be interested in as well as listening to any issues that students come forward with. I'm here to listen, advocate and prepare us to be the best Registered Nurses we can be!
2nd Year Rep & CNSA Associate Delegate
Kyla Terry
Hello everyone! I'm a fourth year student and also the fourth year rep. As the rep I bring information about events and opportunities to the fourth year students. I also gather feedback from the students about our program and bring it to the URNSS council or SCBScN faculty. I hope to get more students aware and involved in the URNSS this year!
4th Year Rep
Aminta Mejia
Hello, my name is Aminta Mejia and I am the Third Year Representative on the University of Regina Nursing Student Society (URNSS). My role is to be a liaison between the students in third year and URNSS. I am here to communicate any questions, needs or suggestions from third year students to the rest of the council and to share what URNSS has been working on with the third year students. My goal is to get as many third year students involved in events as possible and help maintain strong communication between the student body and URNSS. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to email me at!
3rd Year Rep​
Lindsay Pierson
Hello everyone! My name is Lindsay Pierson. I have a Bachelor of Kinesiology-Human Kinetics degree and just entered my first year of the SCBScN After Degree Nursing program. Currently I am a member at large, but my goal for the next year is to create an ADNP rep position as our program is quite unique in that we are condensing a nursing degree into two years!
Member at Large
Shaina Dela Rama
Year 1
Member at large
Help out wherever I’m needed
Help the organization run smoothly
Member at Large
Evan Lundy
My name is Evan Lundy, and I am a first year nursing student in the SCBScN program. I am a member at large, which means my job is to help out wherever I am needed. I am excited to start the journey to becoming a registered nurse.
Member at Large