Council behind all of the fun events and trying to improve the nursing program!
Meet The Council
My name is Michaela Brady, and I am in my fourth year of the SCBScN program. This is my second year on URNSS. Last year I served as VP of Student Affairs, coordinating events such as Mental Health Week and representing students during appeals and curriculum planning. I am excited to build on the success of the previous President and help make the lives of nursing students better. My job is to support and represent the members of URNSS and nursing students through representing URNSS at URSU PAC meetings, collaborating with other societies, and running meetings. My goal this year is to build leadership in URNSS members and create a supportive environment for nursing students to learn and have fun. I would also like to build on our community initiatives.
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me at
Michaela Brady
Katrina Nixdorf
Hello! My name is Katrina Nixdorf and I am in my third year of the SCBScN program. This is my third year as a part of URNSS as VP of Finances and CNSA as Official Delegate. I am super excited to be a part of this collaborative team that brings students together to make your nursing experience the best as it can be! As VP of Finances I help keep track of money that has been fundraised and used to put on wonderful events in accordance with approved budgets such as the NCLEX trivia night, speed-nursing, wheelhouse cycle night. As a member of the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association it is my goal to help students thrive through nursing. Together with my amazing Associate Delegates we hope to attend and send students to the Regional and National CNSA conferences to promote leadership, confidence, professionalism, lifelong learning, advocacy, collaboration and fun in nursing. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to say hi or contact me at 

Vice President of Finances & CNSA Official Delegate
Jamie Lavalley
Mâmawêyatitân! My name is Jamie Lavalley and I am the VP of student affairs for URNSS. I am currently in my second year of the program and this is my first year on URNSS. My goal for this year is to work with the student body to enhance their experience in the SCBScN program by being their representative on boards and committees for student academic, funding issues and all student related services of URNSS members. I am also the spokesperson for URNSS in the absence of the President. The saying Mâmawêyatitân means 'lets be all together' which sums up my philosophy for the SCBScN program, if we all work together as a team with URNSS's support we can overcome any challenge set before us.  If you have any concerns or have any challenges that you would like to talk about it, please contact me at
Vice President of Student Affairs

Lindsay Pierson
Hello everyone! My name is Lindsay Pierson. I am in my second and final year of the SCBScN – ADNP program; I also have a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a major in Human Kinetics. Last year (2017-2018) I was able to create the After-Degree Nursing Program Representative position on URNSS to represent the students who are condensing a full nursing degree into just two years! I am so excited to serve as VP of Social Events and have a ton of fun events planned for you including: NCLEX Trivia Night, Speed-Nursing, Yoga, Spin at Wheelhouse Cycle Club, and more! These social events provide us the opportunity to bond as a student body and become more involved within our community! I’m always up for suggestions on how to improve current events or what events you guys would like to see in the future! Please feel free to say hi or contact me at!
Vice President of Social Events
Hi, my name is Jessica Wong and I am in my first year of nursing in the SCBScN program. I am very excited that I get to be part of URNSS as the VP of Communications! Communication is key when you want to get information out to the public, and that is what I do. URNSS currently has this website along with a Facebook page, an Instagram account and an email to keep everyone updated. Upcoming events and activities will be posted on our social media so be sure to follow us!
Jessica Wong
Vice President of Communications
Hello peeps!
My name is Josée, I am from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and in year two of the SCBScN program. I have a passion for nursing, but my first love is photography. I am so excited to have the opportunity to combine my passion and my love this year with URNSS. I believe that life's special moment do not last forever, but they live on in our memories and photographs. This year I hope to capture those moments for you as we all grow as people and as future nurses. As the VP of Marketing I am responsible for making posters for URNSS events and posting all the amazing photos taken at these events on our social media pages. I want to get more nursing students involved with fun events and make our fantastic program a little less stressful with some awesome opportunities for great self-care. I cannot wait to meet all of you and if you see me on campus do not be afraid to come say hello!

Josee Pelletier

Vice President of Marketing

Hello, my name is Aminta Mejia and I am in my fourth year of the program. This year I am serving as the VP of Academic Relations. My role is to organize and facilitate academic based activities and be a liaison between the SCBScN faculty, students and URNSS in regards to academic concerns or queries. My goal this year is to plan events and offer assistance so that students of all years in the program can feel confident in their knowledge and abilities. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to email me at

Aminta Mejia

Vice President of Academic Relations

Bernadette Couture
Hi, my name is Bernadette Couture and I am in my second year of the SCBScN program. I am new to URNS this year and am excited to be the Executive Secretary! 
Executive Secretary

Shay McNabb

My name is Shay McNabb and I am your Canadian Nursing Student Association Associate Delegate or CNSA AD for short. I am a third-year Indigenous nursing student. I also sit on a CNSA Indigenous Health Advocacy Committee. I am from the George Gordon First Nation, born and raised in Regina Sk. I have been on the Nursing Undergraduate Research Internship Program in the summer of 2017. I also represented the First Nations University of Regina Pow-Wow Princess in 2014-2015. I have danced fancy shawl my entire life. I graduated from Miller High School with the Indigenous Student Achievement award in 2014. I have attended two Canadian Indigenous Nursing Student Association conferences over the past years that I have been a nursing student. This past January I had the opportunity to attend the CNSA National Conference. After attending the conference, I was inspired to become more involved with the SCBScN program as my time as a student. I am honoured and excited to be provide information about the CNSA the student body this year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @

Many thanks, Hiy hiy and kinanâskomitin.

CNSA Associate Delegate

Hello! My name is Kathryn Merk. I am a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Health Studies graduate, currently in my second year of the SCBScN program.
Through the Faculty of Kinesiology Student Society, I held a variety of positions, including: First year representative, VP secretary, VP charity, and VP finance. I also held a chair position on the Alumni Dinner Committee. Involvement in my community has always been a big part of who I am, and so I have held the Volunteer Coordinator role on the KidSport Regina committee for the past two years.
It was also important to me to get involved with the Nursing Student Society; therefore, I was a Student Life Director in my first year of the program. This year I look forward to also getting involved with the CNSA as the CNSA Pre-Associate Delegate. I enjoy policy and having a say in what goes on within my community, so I look forward to my role in the Canadian Nursing Students Association. I look forward to being a part of having our voice heard, as students from the Regina Collaborative Nursing Program.  

Kathryn Merk

CNSA Pre-Associate Delegate

Mack Moser
My name is Mack and I'm your 3rd Year Rep and the Canadian Nursing Students Association Associate Delegate. I work with our CNSA team to better understand the changes in nursing and for students to become more aware and advocate for their voices to be heard. We go to conferences throughout the year that focus on social justice and how we as nurses can be respectful, caring, and leaders in healthcare. As a 3rd Year Rep I share any new information and events that 3rd years might be interested in as well as listening to any issues that students come forward with. I'm here to listen, advocate and prepare us to be the best Registered Nurses we can be!
3rd Year Representative & CNSA Associate Delegate

Lesya Ochitwa

My name is Lesya Ochitwa, and I am in my second year of the SCBScN program. I am the Student Life Director on the student society. My goal is to get more involvement from the nursing students in the events we put on. I look forward to meeting my fellow nursing students at the events we put on. If you have any idea's for events or things you want to see happen within our faculty, please feel free to reach out! I hope everyone has a fantastic year!

Student Life Director


1st Year Representative

Adrian Muscat

My name is Adrian Muscat and I am the Second Year Representative. My role involves relaying feedback and suggestions from second year students back to URNSS. I also ensure that second year students are always aware of any upcoming events and activities organized by URNSS. My goal is to maintain good communication between URNSS and the student body, and to ensure that our second year students are heard and involved.

2nd Year Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Kendyl Appel and I am the Lounge Representative and Fourth Year Representative on the University of Regina Nursing Student Society (URNSS). My role as the Lounge Representative is to maintain a clean and relaxing environment for the student body to socialize, collaborate and study. I would love to address any concerns and suggestions that students have regarding the lounge to improve the space. As Fourth Year Representative, my job is to be a liaison between the students in fourth year and URNSS. I am here to communicate any questions, needs or suggestions from the student body to the rest of the council and to share what URNSS has been working on with the fourth year students. My goal is to get fourth year students involved in the events and activities that are offered this year. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to email me at

Kendyl Appel

4th Year Representative/ Lounge Representative

Hello there!
My name is Shyanne and I am third year nursing student. I am part of the After- Degree Nursing Program and serve as the ADNP rep with URNSS. “After Degree” simply means that ADNP students have already taken a degree and are back for more. I attended the U of R for my first degree as well and graduated with a Bachelor of Human Justice with a concentration in Criminal and Restorative Justice and a sociology minor. I have been working within the justice system for the last three and a half years and have returned to school again. I chose nursing because at my core, I am here to help others and I honestly couldn’t think of any better way to do that than nursing.
All my previous work experience and volunteer experience has always been humanitarian, justice, and socially based. I have volunteered twice in different countries to help different community with a variety of things including construction, teaching, and caring for orphaned infants. My volunteer experience at home had focused on serving as a mentor for at-risk youth and I enjoyed this while I had the time to do it. As for hobbies, my first go around at the U of R allowed me to play softball for the U of R Cougars. Currently, I still enjoy playing the sports, as well as volleyball, swimming, kayaking, etc. I love being active!
I looked forward to meeting everyone and helping out where I can!

Shyanne Stoian

ADNP Representative


LPN Representative

Hello everyone, my name is Cole Woytiuk. I am your newly appointed Indigenous student representative for the URNSS, which is exciting for me and hopefully you as well! I am a second-year Indigenous student looking forward to working alongside with our community elders, the URNSS society, and our Indigenous and non-Indigenous student body, to help find ways to promote, integrate, and establish Indigenous teachings and content into our program. Moreover, I am here to give a voice to the Indigenous students in our program regarding their concerns that relate to academics, so that I may report to the executive body to seek support for and recommend changes to be considered. I believe knowing and having a background understanding of Indigenous cultures is vital for us student nurses who are beginning to work within health care, as it is imperative to provide cultural-competent care. Nonetheless, I ask of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to voice your opinions, concerns, and ideas to me and the rest of the student society! I am excited to work with each and every one of you! Feel free to contact me via email:

Cole Woytiuk

Indigenous Representative

Wyatt Munson

Hello, my name is Wyatt Munson. I am a third year student. I am filling the brand new position of Accommodations Representative. I personally use accommodations at both The University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic for my learning disability. This will be my fourth year of university. Over the years, I have become very familiar with the accommodations process at both campuses, the government, the paper work, and the professors. My purpose in this new position is to shape the role of the Accommodations Rep and to allow myself and URNSS to help all students with their accommodation needs. I believe in advocating for all students to have the same chances to learn. If there are any problems with your accommodations, if you are unsure you qualify, or if you do not think your accommodations were followed, please contact me. My email is or you can text me at 306-896-7648. I am here to help.

Accomodations Representative


EAL Representative